Take Action

Take Action


Whether you want to take part in one of our fundraising events, host your own or support friends and family who are participating, there are lots of ways for you to support Global Gift Foundation USA.

You can use your voice, your free time, or your social networks – by choosing to support Global Gift Foundation USA you’ll be taking direct action to impact the life of others less fortunate.


Step 1

Create a Fundraiser

There is strength in numbers. Rally your friends and family to make a difference by staging your own Global Gift Foundation fundraiser. Hosting an event in support of our Foundation is a great way to get you, your family, friends and colleagues involved in transforming the lives of others.

Step 2

Become a Volunteer

Global Gift Foundation USA offers a number of unique and engaging volunteer opportunities. We strive to involve volunteers in ways that are meaningful by partnering on the execution of events, projects, fundraising initiatives and administrative tasks.

Step 3


Donors make a remarkable impact when they choose to make a significant and lasting change the lives of others. Our goal is to engage our donors with an ongoing mission of philanthropy and to keep our supporters informed of the direct impact their gift has in creating significant and lasting change.

Take Action